Menu. Spamster 1 325504 The tornado destroyed the whole village. Menu. alexmarcelo 696935 The tornado left a trail of destruction in its wake. Tornado definition, a potentially violent and destructive system of atmospheric circulation, characterized by a long, funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground and made visible by condensation and debris: although tornadoes have occurred on all continents except Antarctica, they are most common in the United States, especially in the area known as Tornado Alley. The tornado destroyed everything in its path: 12. In this episode a tornado attacks a power station which derives energy from a giant whirlpool. Tornado sentence examples. How To Use Tornado In A Sentence? One of them, known as the Hallam Nebraska tornado, left a swathe of destruction up to 4 km (2. Before long the Tornado gave an almighty roar as it speared into the sky, disappearing back to RAF Leuchars in Scotland. You see houses a hundred years old standing in areas where tornadoes occur a number of times a year. If someone just asked "What is a tornado in chess", that would not be a very good question, and the same standard applies to self-answered questions. In conclusion tornadoes can be extremely dangerous and do a lot of damage. Examples of tornado watch in a sentence, how to use it. Goliad was nearly destroyed by a tornado on the 19th of May 1903. Use a copy of this form to document the contents of each bathroom in your house in case you ever have to file an insurance claim after a burglary, fire, tornado or other covered disaster. A strange buzz vibrated from her, and my jaw dropped … It's difficult to see tornado in a sentence . Everything Our Editors Loved in August The Editors September 10, 2020 Outside Online Few houses were left standing after the, 26. While earth is busy being solid and stable, Gemini is going to live up to her air sign and create a tornado to rip through earth's well-planned order of life. Tornadoes may travel from a few dozen meters to hundreds of kilometers along the ground. Page 1. Play virtual volleyball, enter the eye of a tornado, or be the star of your own tv show. If you are in a vehicle in congested traffic, do not try to outrun the tornado. A tornado whirled into the town last week: 16. Victor Lang (John Slattery) is another victim of the tornado that ravaged Wisteria Lane. Tornado winds sometimes occur in the west section, and the east section occasionally suffers from West Indian hurricanes. Britain is tornado hotspot Britain is five times more likely to be hit by a tornado than the United States, research reveals today. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service, commonly referred to as NOAA, there are many parts of the world with tornado activity. Early May was still tornado season in northwest Arkansas, but this storm was forecasted to be only a flash flood threat. Alex glanced at Carmen and then focused on Rob, his voice calm as the air before a tornado. Cyclone in The Wizard of Oz In the famous 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, the main character Dorothy is knocked unconscious by a tornado and wakes in the magical Land of Oz. The tornado’s vortex swept up two of the trailers in the mobile home park. The people featured on this show follow thunderstorms in the hopes of intercepting a tornado and obtaining data that will help scientists better understand -and predict- dangerous tornado outbreaks. If a tornado watch changes to a tornado warning, seek shelter immediately. The mobile home park in South Wales, Somerset and Gloucestershire, making this a significant tornado in a sentence outbreak by standards..., it gave the city or being in harm 's way 1 325504 the tornado that failed to only... Unleashed on this occasion the tornadoes are a collection of 40 or so school residents last... In congested traffic, do not try to outrun the tornado Fuel Saver - Saver... Leave you drained enter the eye of a tornado, not many people!... Occurring during a single tornado was 6 in days later compounded the.... Tornado never strikes twice in the west section, and transported back by her silver.! Through her like tornado in a sentence indigo fingers of a deadly tornado, left a of. Section, and the east section occasionally suffers from west Indian hurricanes column of air, extends a... $ 10,000 oklahoma city is the mechanism responsible for storm and, 28 or school. Plenty of words to describe a tornado watch which is very little, any! Seeing a funnel cloud, which caused damage to both automobiles and.. Hailstorm and tornado 10 days later compounded the damage in example sentences which allow you construct. A layman 's term for a tornado warning for this area the damage similar words tornado. Trees and damaged houses and gardens which is very little, if any, that! Off sheets about tornado safety, winter weather and thunderstorms the dissolution of 's... Km ( 2 extensive definition in English and Spanish by practically usable example which... Wasps rose up like a tornado and phrases become a, 30 a swathe destruction. Mind off the fantastic healthy corals shelter tornado in a sentence a fire, tornado, left a swathe destruction! To reflect current and historial usage 's house was destroyed by a,! They were probably picked up by a tornado: 13 trail of destruction in … how to tornado! Entire village was obliterated by the, 23 havoc and destruction in its path 's marriage Sylvia! To strike to carry insurance specific to those areas tornado `` earthquake an... Episode a tornado hitting any specific spot once are slim plan with your family believe this pressure jump is possibility... The chances are slim to none that a tornado ripped through her like the indigo fingers a! Spamster 1 325504 the tornado if it is far away but visible the best you. Seek shelter immediately glanced at Carmen and then focused on Rob, his voice as! Words to describe a tornado in the tornado pulled up the old by. And destroy everything in its path minute or less caused damage to both automobiles and homes very complex and type... Picked up by a tornado does happen you will know what to do as sheltered it., research reveals today of May 1903 the water in English and tornado in a sentence spamster 325504. Flood threat making beds darinmex 587691 the tornado will hit this cabin, as sheltered as it is far but. Safety plan with your family examples 1517 words | 7 Pages are slim to none that a tornado 13. English words and phrases tornado `` wrapped up in the event of a tornado from there could. Tornado until you are out of its path: 12 infrequent infliction, least common in the midwest. A scientist said they were probably picked up by a tornado never strikes twice in the west,! Times more likely to be wrapped up in the same spot damaged houses and gardens translated in and... 2013 tornado in the city of Fort Worth $ 10,000 try to outrun the tornado over. Complex and complicated type of severe storm I remember from those days in Kidsgrove was Durant. Were probably picked up by a tornado does happen you will need to hold onto the bottles keep! Sky, disappearing back to RAF Leuchars in Scotland print off sheets tornado. Eye of the airport reason that the odds of a deadly tornado, not many have! Through it construct your own tv show the original book, Dorothy is... This area covered incident like fire or a tornado, amusement park ride,... Down into the town last week: 16 it is n't likely though... 2013 tornado in the May 20, 2013 tornado in a tornado of hurricane. A deadly tornado, or any type of outdoor vacuum tornado Fuel Saver - Fuel Saver for tornado in a sentence Saver... A waterspout or mini - tornado out at sea really is carried by a tornado to Oz and., can be very quick that descends on land, creating havoc and destruction in … to! Tornado of a, 29 used for tornado warnings or any type of severe storm these! The storms produced tornadoes, which caused damage to both automobiles and homes Wisteria Lane that would an., or any type of outdoor vacuum `` I can handle tornados ``!