DuPont™ ChromaSurfacer™ 7701S™/7704S™/7707S™ Primer-Filler is a high build 2K Urethane Primer-Filler with a simple 4:1 mix ratio. This sprayable polyester is ideal for jobs where high build and filling may be required for sand-blasted surfaces. Can be applied over steel, aluminum, fiberglass, body fillers and exsisting finishes. April 25, 2014. Rust-Oleum filler primer is a high-build formula that fills in minor imperfections in the surface and improves top coat adhesion and overall appearance. 4.7 out of 5 stars 937. Fill Weight Per Gallon 7.0 lbs./gal. Home; Menu. Use on metal, wood and fiberglass surfaces. Eastwood Contour Automotive Polyester Primer Surfacer Gray Gallon Review . Keep to the recommended number of coats. For this reason, we don't recommend this product for that application. Automotive Filler Primer Spray Click to Enlarge. Automobile Parts and Service Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. Price $35.86. : 092812 1 .DESCRIPTION AND USES . Excellent color holdout with minimal shrinkage. This same technology provides superior adhesion to all types of metals including galvanized, bare steel and aluminum. DuPont 2K-Urethane Primer-Filler Gallon Item#: DUP 7704S 01. Home; Filler Primer. Use it on metal, wood, and fiberglass surfaces for a final coat that's smooth and durable. JP211 Gray Polyester Primer / Filler is a fast drying, two component, high build primer/filler that can be used in areas where VOC compliance is required. Do not use on surfaces that will come in direct contact with heat or high temperatures such as mufflers or exhaust components. Filler Primer. Blue cream hardener is included. Use it on metallic and rigid plastic surfaces, and it will give you a tough, durable surface to paint on to. Check out all Dupli-Color Products to see which one is right for your specific project. When you need bumper-to-bumper quality and durability, trust Rust-Oleum® Automotive. Watch fullscreen. Sprays on smoothly and has excellent opacity for a slick topcoat finish and uniform ground coat for repairs. Any Angle Spray with Comfort Tip Fills in imperfections Hi-build formula Stops Rust formula TDS. Spray Select a Color (2) 11 oz. Report. 5403 | Hot Rod Black Acrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacer – 4.8 VOC (1 Gallon/3.785 Liters) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 5 STAR Xtreme’s 5403 Hot Rod Black Acrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacer is a 4.8 VOC, high quality, single component primer surfacer that offers quick fill, fast drying, easy sanding characteristics while providing minimal shrinkage and great adhesion to properly prepared substrates. Primer Filler – As a high build filler this product is capable of 2.5-3.0 mils per coat requiring less coats per application. ft./quart (1.0-1.2 m2/quart) Dry Times at 77°F (25°C) and 50% Rel. DuPont Epoxy DTM Primer Sealer Gallon Item#: DUP 25XXS. 249279 - 11 oz. Find Rust-Oleum Corporation 254863 Rust-Oleum Filler Primer and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Premium high build formulation is a polyester primer-surfacer which can be used on fiberglass, aluminum and properly prepared steel. CDN$ 4.99 Bondo Professional Gold, Quart, (00233C) 4.5 out of 5 stars 442. Spray : Product Overview ... Rust-Oleum® Filler Primer is a hi-build formula that fills in minor imperfections in the surface and improves top coat adhesion and appearance. This system provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance while drying fast and maintaining good color hold out. Dupli-Color® Products All Products. A quality urethane primer-surfacer will do a good job of leveling out the transition from plastic filler to metal, as well as filling the sanding marks in the filler. It is formulated with tack-free, stain free resin and offers long lasting results. 95 Polyester Primer - Polyester auto primer has what's known in the auto world as excellent "build" - it fills small scratches and dings much like a putty or filler would and has the highest filling capability of any sprayable primer. It takes some time and also prep work to do your research study and also compare choices. Eastwood Contour Automotive Polyester Primer Surfacer Gray Gallon Review. Log in. Grainger's got your back. Per Liter 0.83 kg VOC 151 g/l (1.26 lbs./gal.) 6 years ago | 57 views. New, Used and OEM Automotive Parts. Recommended Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Per Coat 3.0-4.0 mil (75-100µ) Practical Coverage at Recommended DFT 40-50 sq. Rust-Oleum® Filler Primer is a hi-build formula that fills in minor imperfections in the surface and improves topcoat adhesion and appearance. The first step to a durable, long lasting automotive finish is choosing the correct primer for your paint job’s foundation. This is the original formula for quickly and easily repairing vehicle exteriors and other metal surfaces, as well as wood, fiberglass, concrete and more. This product is compatible with most Automotive finishes, including acrylics, celluloseics, alkyds and polyurethanes. Browse more videos. Sign up. Rust-Oleum® filler primer is a high-build formula that fills in minor imperfections in the surface and improves topcoat adhesion and appearance. Let's make one life clear: getting the most effective offer from utilized automobile dealerships doesn't occur overnight. If you intend to discover the best offer, placing in effort and time is crucial. Advantage, Speedocote, PPG. Your Price: … A premium non-sanding urethane sealer to also be used with a Catalyst. Gray. FILLER PRIMER Form: GDH-103 Rev. Mix 1:1 with compliant solvent. Eliminator HB has excellent adhesion, very high fill and superior solvent resistance when properly cured. Follow. Premium Gold Body Filler is manufactured with the latest premium resin technology for effortless sanding. CDN$ 13.99 Bondo Spreader, 357, 3 Per Pack. TDS Automotive 2 in 1 Filler and Sandable Primer SKU Colour UPC Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 249279. Locate Gallon Primer on sale below with the biggest choice of Gallon Primer anywhere online. Rust-Oleum Automotive Sandable Primer Spray is suitable for surfaces that will not exceed 200ºF. Eastwood's Epoxy primer is a user-friendly two component primer sealer free of lead, chromate and isocyanates. Tech Data Sheet (TDS) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) AP8020 Production Prime (Gray) A high quality two component urethane primer surfacer that combines economical pricing with superior performance. Product use is void where prohibited, and is intended for use only by professionals or under a professional's supervision. Available in gallons and quarts. : 120117 1 .DESCRIPTION AND USES . With so many primer options available it’s often confusing which primer system is best suited for your restoration project. The primer has excellent hold out and shares activator with DuPont™ ChromaSeal® 7710S™/7740S™/7770S™, ChromaClear® G2-7779S™, and ChromaClear® HC-7776S™. 4.1 out of 5 stars 100. Easy to spread, #5064 is also clog free and tack free. Available in gallons and quarts. Library. Thank you for your response! Rust-Oleum Automotive Filler Primer is a high solids acrylic primer to fill scratches and minor surface defects. But, don’t try to use primer-surfacer where plastic filler or polyester primer can be used. 3M™ Platinum™ Filler is a professional lightweight body filler with outstanding adhesion to properly prepared steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, E coat, sheet molded compound (SMC) and fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP). Premium filler is compatible with most base coat/clear coat and waterborne paint … Combined with easy sanding, this product … The filler cures fast, shapes in minutes and is formulated to be non-shrinking and permanently durable. Dupli-Color® Filler Primer features a high build automotive formulation capable of filling deep scratches and minor surface imperfections. Feather Fill is meant to spray over a lot of body filler work that is cut and shaped with 60-80 grit. Eastwood Contour Automotive Polyester Primer Surfacer Gray Gallon Review. On fiberglass it replaces damaged gel coat. Search. Set of 9 Body Filler Spreaders Automotive Body Fillers, SourceTon 4, 5, 6 Inch Reusable Plastic Spreader for Applying Fillers, Putties, Glazes, Caulks and Paint . This coating also cannot be exposed to direct heat or flames as it will cause the paint to crack and peel off. AutoBahn AP-8060 2K Primer Sealer Gray Gallon. Mix 4:1 with either medium or fast urethane catalysts AH6270 and AH6280 Superior adhesion to properly prepared substrates. … Marketing Information. A fast-drying, sandable finish allows for easy feather edging while providing a smooth and rust resistant surface that promotes top coat uniformity. Rust-Oleum® Filler Primer is a hi-build formula that fills in minor imperfections in the surface and improves top coat adhesion and appearance. Dupli-Color products are designed for every part of your vehicle (and beyond). Yes, you can if you prep and do bodywork close enough to where you only need a basic 2k filler primer/sealer. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 … Automotive Paint Sealer Primer Online shopping from a great selection at Automotive Store. For use on metal, wood and fiberglass surfaces. This makes it perfect for filling bodywork blemishes AND achieving a good paint bonding surface at the same time. 5064-1 Premium Gold Body Filler Gallon - Gallon. 6 years ago | 57 views. U-POL 2 x Power Can GREY PRIMER 500ml Aerosol UPol Powercan Paint Grey Primer - High build primer/filler for uneven surfaces 2 x 500ml Aerosol Cans 4.4 out of 5 stars 3 £15.95 £ 15 . Review of Primer Types for Automotive Use. DuPont™ Epoxy DTM Primer-Sealer a two-component, non-isocyanate non-sanding primer with corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion for direct-to-metal applications. Looking for RUST-OLEUM Filler Primer, Gray, 1 Qt. ***Always read, understand, and follow the product information and instructions provided. For use on metal, wood and fibreglass surfaces. Bondo® Body Filler is a two-part putty compound used to repair dents, dings, holes, rusted areas and scratches in vehicle exteriors. Jungdlr. DTM is available in lead/chromate free ValueShade® and chromate for use under body filler, polyester putties, primer-surfacers and topcoats. AUTOMOTIVE FILLER PRIMER Form: CS1493 Rev. Advantage, Speedocote, PPG. (6PET4)?

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