The scientific name Hemichromis bimaculatus … Comments: These fish are named after their beautiful jewel-like coloring. We hope you've enjoyed reading these comments. I do recommend these fish for your home aquarium, but not for a community tank. Turquoise Jewel Cichlid - regular 1.5 -2.25 inches. Gender: It's hard to tell young males from young females just by looking at them. African Turquoise Jewel Cichlid, Dwarf Blue Jewel Cichlid, © All rights reserved. pH:7.5 to 8.0 gH: 12o Temp:72-82oF Origin: Guinea to Liberia, Africa Food: New Life Spectrum “Cichlid Formula” found at Fish Foods. Turquoise jewel. gH: 12o All I know is I have had these with a number of non aggressive fish before I turned my 180 into an african cichlid tank and had no problems what so ever. "Beautiful fish, I asked for color and aquariumfish delivered. Go. Breeding: Turquoise Jewel Cichlids are Substrate Spawners. How to get a breeding pair, how to sex Jewel Cichlids. MFK Member. ❤️, Cichlids – African Cichlids Aquarium Fish, Cichlids – New World Cichlids Aquarium Fish, Labyrinth Fish – Betta, Gourami, Badis, Paradise Fish, Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp, Crayfish & Lobsters. One species can be easily mistakable for the next to the novice aquarist. SKU: cichlidsregfls15700351. Everyone enjoy your jewels. Check out our SPECIALS on Discus and Cichlids! Our fish have better health, more energy and brighter colors, as you can see in our pictures on this website. I feed all my jewel cichlids these dried shrimp cubes. Food: New Life Spectrum “Cichlid Formula” found at Fish Foods These beautiful Turquoise Jewels are from our own farm-raised Jewels that we’ve grown through years of select breeding. $12.50 ea or 5 … There are some closely related species that look rather similar. The addition of Lava Rocks will keep nitrates in the ideal range. There are several different species of Jewel Fish; all are very beautiful but aggressive members of the cichlid family.Jewel Fish will attack its own species as well as any other fish, no matter the size, when in breeding season and while rearing their fry. Click here for more about aquarium gravel. Eventually a group of six Buttikoferi will need a very large aquarium. Better is an 80, 100, or 120-gallon aquarium with as many Penguin 350B Filters as will fit across the back. Max size is about 13-15 cm (5-6 шт), which is rather long one for a cichlid. This cichlid has a wide range of common names with some pet stores calling them the Blue Jewel, Green Jewel, Jewel fish, etc. Hemichromis is a genus of fishes from the cichlid family, known in the aquarium trade as jewel cichlids.Jewel cichlids are native to Africa.Within West Africa, Hemichromisspecies are found in creeks, streams, rivers and lakes with a variety of water qualities including brackish water lagoons.. $20 (m/f pairs) Hemichromis lifalili. Size: 4 to 5 inch. African Turquoise Jewel CichlidWooded Streams, pH:7.5 to 8.0 The Jewel Cichlid originated from the rivers in Africa in the Zaire region. These spots are typically a light bluish-green and cover their entire body. The Hemichromis genus is the scientific name for the commonly known jewel cichlid of the cichlidae family in the aquarium industry. $12.00 + $19.00 shipping . Prev. Click here for more about Synodontis Catfish. We’re here to take loving care of your orders! Decor: Turquoise Jewel Cichlids do not need gravel on the bottom of their aquarium, and a layer of gravel more than 1/4" thick will usually fill with bits of uneaten food that will contaminate the water. Life Span: Turquoise Jewel Cichlids can live for at least 5-years. Add to cart . These fish are beautiful and entertaining, but definitely wolves in sheep’s clothing. Size 4 To 4.5 Inches From the fish name it’s already clear that african jewel fish is a beautiful one. Ships from United States. There are greenish spots scattered around the body with a black spot in the middle. Keep the water conditions excellent and feed them premium foods, and they'll most likely live longer and breed to produce the next generation of fish for your aquarium. In their natural habitat the Turquoise Jewel Cichlids eat small fish, but they do not require live fish when living in an aquarium. Our family’s farm is indeed shipping Livestock & Plants proactively! Sign in to check out Check out as guest . But now they live in aquariums all over the world. Originating in West Africa, Jewel Cichlids can be found in many rivers and streams. Names: Their scientific name is Hemichromis lifalili. Aquarium jewel Cichlid Care is pretty easy. We also offer lots and lots of information about keeping pet fish, all from the knowledge of the Bailey Brothers, who have a combined total of 100+ years of experience as breeders, wholesalers, and retailers of pet fish! Click here to read more about compatible groups of pet fish. The beauty of Jewel cichlids is something that can’t be denied. 1.5 – 2" CB 'dwarf Congo red jewels' ridiculously glowing bright red body covered w/ turquoise jewel spots.

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