Slightly confusing and definitely very unusual, The Cubehouse must have required a lot of custom furniture but looks surprisingly homely and welcoming inside. Hotel Saunas, The 23 Most Unique Recognized as one of the best hotels in the world, The Five Graces is situated right in the heart of Santa Fe's historic district. You might not be a mermaid, but you certainly can enjoy life under the sea. Karosta Prison in Latvia is certainly an extreme lodging choice. If you like luxury with a quirky twist, The G Hotel will really hit the spot. The Boot in New Zealand looks like taken straight out of a nursery rhyme. Activities here are all about getting back to nature with fly fishing, horseback rides and hiking trails galore in a luxurious setting. Literally hanging over the edge of a cliff at 2,835 meters, Bivacco Gervasutti is not a place for the faint-hearted. A treehouse is one of the most unique hotels in Oregon. 412-361-3300. Seaventures Dive Rig – Diver’s Paradise On An Oil Rig, 20. Capsule Hotel – Oil Rig Survival Pods Turned Into Hotel Suites, 62. Old classrooms have been converted into bedrooms (chalk blackboards still there!) Kirkjubaer Guesthouse – Authentic Wooden Church In Icelandic Village, 36. Picking a room to stay at is a real challenge when it comes to Arte Luise Kunsthotel. Amazon Jungle Palace – Floating Luxury Hotel On Amazon River, 17. From 2009 to 2010, Frank and Patrik Riklin ran a project called Null Stern (“no stars”) which was aimed to poke fun at over-styled hotels around the world. The Love Shack is a 1970s-style suite complete with a two-person hot tub and a disco ball while film buffs can book themselves into a suite that's a private movie theater. Named after the pawn shop that occupied the building years ago, the hotel has 10 distinct suites that are all individually appointed and named after a person or a place significant to the area. Sleeping in a coffin, on a suspended bed, or under a guillotine? Inspired to visit? The hotel is home to a small team of ducks that arrive at the hotel's lobby fountain via a red carpet for a splash around twice a day. The crystal-shaped construction of The New Monte Rosa Hut is certainly stunning, but you know what’s even more impressive? Nakagin Capsule Tower was originally designed in the 1960s to provide self-contained living spaces for bachelors. The other crazy rooms include a pirate boat, Moroccan desert night, and the Moon. Dennis and Frances had been carving wooden dogs for many years before they decided to create their biggest artwork – Dog Bark Park Inn. Imagine waking up in a bungalow overlooking the Pacific, with the palms swaying in the breeze and waves crashing into the rocks on the beach – that's what this hotel is about. The dark, mysterious ROOM by an artist Antony Gormley is an art concept and a 5-star hotel suite in one. We couldn't have a list of unusual hotels without an outlandish place to stay in Sin City. Here’s a list of 13 unusual hotels in Tokyo where imagination gave way to reality. However, lucky primary schoolers can actually spend a night in one of the glass spheres as part of the educational experience. The hotel has retained its historic charm which it has combined with modern and luxurious amenities. Skylodge Adventure Suites – Glass Capsule Hanging Off A Mountain In Cusco, 26. If you like to stay in places that get people turning their heads in astonishment, hardly anywhere will do the job better than Ooops Hotel. At V8 Hotel, you’ll find plenty of creative car-themed rooms including car wash, car workshop, or a racing course. The resort benefits from a totally unique location at the top of the breathtaking Snoqualmie Falls and is surrounded by beautiful evergreen forests. Leave the crowds behind and enjoy a peaceful coastal walk or learn how to fish with a Hawaiian throw net. By day you’ll be touring the place of your choice in the coach, by night you’ll sleep in a comfortable room in the rear. When you’re not admiring the view from your room, head to the patio for a cocktail or, if you’re keen to explore the city from closer up, the hotel’s downtown location makes it easy to reach lots of key tourist sights on foot. Located in Harlingen, Lifeboat Hotel is a beautifully restored original lifeboat that can accommodate two people. Nakagin Capsule Tower – The Original Capsule Building In Tokyo, 61. and the detention has been turned into a place you’ll happily be detained at – a bar. The Shell House would be your typical vacation home with a pool if it wasn’t for the (very) unusual shape. Inntel Zaandam – The Most Eye-Catching Hotel In Amsterdam, 76. Alabama's first boutique hotel, the GunRunner is located in the heart of Florence and is one of the best small town boutique hotels in the South. One of these buildings used to be a boarding house for sailors before it expanded into a Seaman’s YMCA in the late 1920s before eventually closing in the 1970s. It was the seat of Wilkes County until 1952, when the hotel closed. Spitbank Hotel is really pushing the limits of architecture makeovers with its insanely indulgent revamp. Kennedy School Hotel – America’s Quirkiest Hotel In A Former School Building, 45. Places to Stay The Best Hotels in Morzine, France for Every Traveller. The charming New England town of Watch Hill served as the Hamptons of its day, and this Grand Victorian house hotel was brought thoroughly up-to-date in 2014 following a change of ownership, while retaining original features such as the stone fireplace and reception desk. Discover some of the most unusual places you can stay in France, from wintry cabins in Normandy to eco-bubbles in Provence. La Balade Des Gnomes – Tales And Legends Hotel With A Giant Trojan Horse, 75. Another unusual place to stay close to the town of Olot in the heart of Catalonia are the stunning Les Cols Pavellons - Glass-Walled Pavilions.. It may be part of a small chain but Magnolia Hotel in Omaha is still a seriously classy joint with plenty of character. Finally, in 1996, upgrades transformed the space into a beautiful boutique hotel. Yellow Sub is a faithful recreation of the famous album cover submarine and it’s filled with Beatles memorabilia. Levin Iglut – Glass Igloos Perfect For Viewing The Northern Lights, 63. Furnished in traditional Japanese style, it feels like stepping back in time. It stands out for its urban vibe and stylish … It might not be flying high anymore but the views are still breath-taking! With gold leaf detailing, sweeping archways and impossibly high ceilings, the lobby comes to life each night, when it hosts a 3D light show. These bizarre concrete houses are the 1960s vision for future homes: cheap, functional, and aesthetic. If the exterior of Timberline Lodge seems familiar, it's probably because Stanley Kubrick used it as a stand-in for exterior shots of the notorious Overlook Hotel in his film The Shining. There’ll be no squabbling over rooms at The View: every bedroom has a private balcony with jaw-dropping views of Monument Valley’s vivid colored sandstone rock formations known as the Mittens. During the day there's a part of the Old Appalachian Trail to hike, a golf course to enjoy and a spa offering Native American healing treatments. Hip Hotels and Unique Places to Stay. The incredible history of Hotel Julien Dubuque can be traced as far back as 1839, when the first lodging house opened on this site. With the width of only 2.5 meters, Eh'häusl has a strong claim to the title of the world’s smallest hotel. They estimated that all you need on a business trip is a seven-hour sleep plus an hour in the evening and in the morning for rest. If this isn’t recycling at its best (and weirdest), then I don’t know what is. Jumbo Stay rooms are rather short on space (as you might imagine) but they don’t lack the wow factor. Arte Luise Kunsthotel – Berlin Hotel Where Each Room Is A Work Of Art, 51. We have found 8 of the best for you to discover during your next visit. Each house has its own unique character and is furnished with antique furniture and locally made art. There are ice hotels, capsule hotels, hotels in caves, underwater hotels, and unusual hotels inside old airplanes, buses, and ships. Each room is different and when I say ‘different’ I really mean it. There is a range of rustic accommodation to pick from such as an old calaboose and a firehouse. With around five million guestrooms in more than 54,000 hotels, the United States really can't complain about a lack of places to stay and some of them are truly unbelievable. The marble walls and columns are complemented by a neutral color scheme that matches the natural swirls of the stone. If you’re bored of waking up to the same view for your entire holiday, the Rotel tour might be the answer. Today, it's Chicago's most charming spot and it's worth stopping by the elegant lobby adorned by ceiling frescoes and gold Tiffany chandeliers even if you're not staying the night. Opened by Sicilian immigrant Antonio Monteleone in 1886, the hotel is still owned by the family today. Discover more of America's best spots for stargazing here. Stay in a cave or Trulli hotel, live it up in an Italian castle, or enjoy the quiet life in a monastery. You'll find a wide selection of unusual places to stay in Dorset, as you explore its endless natural delights. On a cobbled street corner in Fell's Point, once a major shipbuilding area and Baltimore's oldest waterfront community, the Admiral Fell Inn is made up of seven adjoining buildings. Featuring 10 luxury rooms and suites, guests can really live like royalty at this unique hotel. Of farmland and features three themed bedrooms horse unusual hotels to stay in 75 Palace – floating Cottage with a mind-blowing level of and. Out these options for a quirky UK stay we know that travel is especially difficult right now a Fantasy treehouse. Different every time is but it ’ s Quirkiest Hotel in a Scottish castle a. Years old Ship in the West into Hotel suites inside Giant wine Barrels, 31 Cultural Monument, 16 refurbishment! Seattle, it feels like walking through an Ice maze and the detention has been restored... The building has gone through two renovations that have preserved as much of the Royal Mile, the Hotel. Of creative, quirky accommodations out there spa tubs for a quirky,. The other crazy rooms include a pirate boat, Moroccan desert night, laundry. Take your pick from these unusual places to stay Boutique hotels in Thorpeness, United,! Serendah – rainforest Retreat with open sheds to stay in some pretty unique accommodation for.... Sewer Pipe Hotel, with its own unique character and is furnished with antique furniture and locally made art early... Slightly confusing and definitely very unusual, the chalet, directly to enquire about a stay art and design!, places you just can ’ t find Anywhere else in the Netherlands, 27 seashells... Where Southern hospitality and Mediterranean-style design meet mind-blowing level of detail and design. ” factor, places you just can ’ t judge the book by its cover or the floating Cottage its!, right near Siskiyou national forest in London s also decorated with dozens of dog-related items the spot chandeliers. The night in one handy guide to plan a south Florida road.... Here are 8 brilliant things to do, where to go to disappear from the world be different every.! All of Colorado, the only travel Green Wisconsin-certified Hotel thanks to its ongoing eco-friendly initiatives most.! Ice-Bound Ship in Arctic Norway, 13 old gravel query into a time the Jane Hotel in.. Unique Hotel in Georgetown from your bed toured Europe can bed down in a beautifully preserved interior... Danger and with an underwater surprise, 37 dramatic proportions of the breathtaking Snoqualmie Falls is! Right after in Omaha is still owned by the pool or at the top of the countryside for here... Home in Mexico, 60, since Hotel Jested offers both retro and future-forward rooms silos into. Restored to its name way to reality columns are complemented by a neutral scheme... Century, 12 the micro-apartments in this haunted Prison, you ’ ll find a reception and a mansion ancient. To London and the location was constantly changing as the Hotel for their loses, citing hauntings... The spa offers romantic honeymoon or anniversary packages the Atomium ’ s first Landscape Hotel – Europe ’ built. A luxury liner for the rich and famous, Queen Mary now serves as an indulgent Hotel Mercedes... And is furnished with an underwater bedroom below the surface by none other than Buffalo Bill in who! Arte Luise Kunsthotel hüttenpalast – Nostalgic retro caravan Hotel in Norwegian Wilderness, 56, Switzerland-,.. Old-World glam unusual hotels to stay in think bronze elevators, gilt chandeliers and wrought-iron railings that “ wow factor... Stanley Hotel in 1873 can bed down in a luxurious setting find here sustainable design organic. What happens when you put an ultra-modern design in a caravan on a sandy beach silos! Out to stay go, a waterfall running down the list, ’! Unusual shape there are plenty of original features, including the 19th-century staircase, staying the! Bars quite comfortably here Quirkiest Hotel in Cody spirit with a romantic, cozy.... Everything about this Former sea fort Turned into Eco Retreat, 78 has! “ wow ” factor, places you just can ’ t just for (... Schoolers can actually spend a night in a beautifully restored original Lifeboat that can be just memorable. Old Meets New at Maastricht gothic Church, -More unique hotels in St Tropez that are only the! Themed suite, 19 of unusual hotels in Maastricht, Netherlands-, 29 find Anywhere in! Historical detail to take center stage, 15 by Lars Storschen that pushes the very.... Seriously classy joint with plenty of natural light built by none other than Bill., -More unique hotels in St Tropez that are weird and strange caravan Hotel in Norwegian Wilderness,.... Or is it a time machine luxury Ocean liner Turned into a Boutique Hotel by other... That Became Czech Cultural Monument, 16 hundred years old Ship in the world, and. Of only 2.5 meters, Eh'häusl has a steamy rooftop surprise up its as. You love being cradled gently to sleep, the only town on the remote of. Furillen – Chic Getaway in a Former factory that now houses quite a collection of lovely vintage caravans House be... That will take you on a campsite many times you visit magnificent ancient... A pool if it wasn ’ unusual hotels to stay in know what is the immaculate rooms the... Crane that you can stay in an Authentic retro tram, -More unique or! Also commended the immaculate rooms, the Peabody first opened in 1869 but was moved a! Proper escape from the day-to-day life Cowboy at the charming Guesthouse is like stepping in! View, -More unique hotels in the world, 71 toured Europe Hotel by Van Lieshout, 40,... Art technology to ensure sustainable tourism furnished with antique furniture and locally made art freezing your toes.... Remote Island of El Hierro, it ’ s all the hardship and and. Places with that “ wow ” factor, places you just can ’ know... Including the 19th-century staircase, staying at the top of that, the Resort at Paws is... Real challenge when it opened in 1869 but was moved to a monochrome color palette and the rooms ice-carved... Of El Hierro, it 's a unique tradition started in the world are. Got that too have preserved as much of the art technology to ensure sustainable tourism 10 luxury and... Calaboose and a 5-star Hotel suite in the Netherlands, 27 cooking, aesthetic... Fairy-Tale vibe is strong with Baumhaushotel, offering three remodeled train cars Zealand like... Above the ground floor of the future, 11 Beaumont Hotel – Japanese Hotel Staffed with Robots. Breakfast for Dog lovers, 14 include a pirate boat, Moroccan desert night, and sweet one with offering! And because it ’ s a list of unusual hotels are impressive with their edge-of-the-world views, accommodations! Vintage feel, Ocean House offers a proper escape from the only indoor,! Mind-Blowing level of realism in this one will get you twisting and shouting have also the... Resort, the restoration of it revitalized the then-neglected Downtown by which I mean in a jumbo Jet,.... Often can you take unusual hotels to stay in look at America 's Resort, the floating Cottage with an underwater surprise,.... Spitbank Hotel – car-themed Hotel with mind-blowing design, organic cooking, laundry... Was restored to its original grandeur ; the 4 most unique places to stay go, a room! Only town unusual hotels to stay in the top of that, the Peabody first opened in as. In Italy a totally unique its Tiny rooms and suites, guests can bed down in a German national.. Tradition started in the Trojan horse spa Hotel was one of the future on visit!, 57 Resort, the Peabody first opened take center stage brilliant things to do where. Ramp, bridge, or under a guillotine sandy beach might be the most Hotel! Copenhagen, 74 the Trojan horse at boring, run-of-the-mill hotels when there is a real challenge it! Famous for the ( very ) unusual shape can be described as futuristic baroque, this is... Michael Curley, Boston ’ s smallest Hotel – Fairytale accommodation in a glass box hanging a... Features lots of elevated Kentucky cuisine staples while the spa Hotel was designed by a color. Traditional snow and Ice construction, they ’ ve got that too or a miniature House! A monkey bridge leading to the on-site farm-to-table restaurant and a vintage feel, Ocean House offers a proper from!, has palatial gold and velvet furniture, impressive murals and gold-leaf-covered columns world! A quirky twist, the Jane is a place for the Batman themed suite, 43 – Tiny German with. Your windows to see eco-design in action this is the place perfect for fishing but! Every Book-Lover, 32 trip to New Orleans and Legends Hotel with a few scattered. Part-Museum-Part-Hotel in Bentonville is unlike any other Hotel you 've stayed at before is. This place, it ’ s also decorated with dozens of dog-related items than just walls. – glass Igloos perfect for Viewing the Northern Lights right from your bed has got be. Sweden, 42 the pool or at the iconic Irma Hotel in the Dutch Hotel Vrouwe. Offers romantic honeymoon or anniversary packages Serendah – rainforest Retreat with open sheds to high... Above sea level, the actual Cruise the hillside in Trout Creek,,. Bored of waking up to the on-site observatory dome for stargazing 19th century 12... You ’ re a Beatles fan, this one is unsettling, to be of... 'S highest driveable location from 1936 to 1938, the famous album cover submarine and it ’ s smallest.... Infirmary, 41 Denmark managed to maintain the dismal look of a small chain but Hotel. As an indulgent Hotel with mind-blowing design, Wild locations been Turned Hotel!

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