Nazih Group was founded in 1975 by Mr. Nazih Hamad and has become the best provider in the field of cosmetics and cosmetics in the region. Over the past four decades, the Nazih group has expanded its operations to around 15 countries in the MENA region.

With a group of over 55 internationally renowned brands, Nazih has a full range of beauty care products that meet hair care, skin care, nail care, personal care and cosmetics. Some of Nazih's well-known brands include OPI, GHD, Denman, Revlon, Macadamia, Babyliss, Stageline, and many more.

Honest galleries have become the only solution to any human need and beauty. As a market leader, Nazih is always exploring and adding his well-known portfolio of brands. In addition to retail products, the Nazih group also supplies products and equipment to beauty salons in the region, as well as training and educating plastic technicians when needed.