Oasis Malls continuously work to ensure a safe shopping environment

Amid recent developments by the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring this novel virus a pandemic, Oasis Malls is actively taking all precautionary and safety measures in line with the UAE Ministry of Health and the Dubai Health Authorities to keep shoppers and employees safe.

  1. We have increased the frequency of sanitizing all the touchpoints - washrooms, customer service desks, escalators, elevators, handrails, door handles to name a few, using government-approved products for sanitization/disinfection. The sanitization is being carried out on an hourly basis in low-risk areas and every 30 mins at high-risk areas respectively.
  1. Our retail stores are open with the exception of the temporarily closed areas below, in accordance with UAE government:
    • Fun City
    • Thrill Zone
    • Fitness First
    • Balance Spa
  1.  We have made easy the availability of hand sanitizers across the malls for all our customers
  1. Additionally, thermal cameras will be shortly installed at the Mall entrances to ensure the wellbeing of mall visitors, tenants, and staff, whilst all cleaning and security crews are briefed daily on the latest updates on COVID -19 and the necessary preventive measures.

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