Sarah’s importance is certainly clear after she sees Ishmael “sporting” (NRSV, “playing”; Hebrew mezahek) at Isaac’s weaning. Isaac demanded that Jacob come close so he could feel him, but the goatskins felt just like Esau's hairy skin. The Talmud adds that Jacob spent 14 years in the yeshiva of Shem and Eber before proceeding to Laban, arriving when he was 77. JPS Tanakh 1917 And Bethuel begot Rebekah; these eight did Milcah bear to Nahor, Abraham's brother. Journal Please read the book of Jasher. 20 March 2009. [2] Similarly, the promise that Abraham’s seed will receive the land comes almost immediately after, once Abraham enters the land and begins to traverse it: Because the talks had been favorable, Eliezer presented mohar, a gift from the family of the groom to the parents of the bride. We have the problem that Haran has Milcah, and Iscah, and son Lot. Abram then took his dead brother's wife as his own. Rebekah Semple West was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1915. [26] Isaac therefore sent Esau out to the fields to trap and cook a piece of game for him, so that he could eat it and bless Esau before he died. Her mother gave birth to Freya, Finn, and Elijah in the Old World, but after Freya was sent away with Esther's sister Dahlia as payment for Esther's fertility spell (which was later covered up by Esther, who claimed Freya had died of the plague), Esther and Mikael were so devastated that they decided to follow the adv… Answer: The Bible first mentions Laban in Genesis 24:29. Having made Jacob a ruler over his brothers, Isaac could only promise, "By thy sword thou shalt live, and shalt serve thy brother; yet it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt cast off his yoke from off thy neck" (Gen 27:40). The theory lies on the assumption that Sarai is not daughter to Haran but another wife that Avraham's brother Haran had along with the mothwr of Lot, Milcah and Iscah and Avraham is moved to take her becuase of his kindness and also because of the knowledge of the Torah that He must take the widow of his brother as a wife, something the other brother Najor would not be interested in for not practicing the Torah or not knwing about it. Genesis 20, the parallel account in which Abraham tries this ruse in Gerar, adds new details that perhaps show concern about Abraham’s actions that developed after the original telling of the story. But Abram and Haran are half brothers, same father Terah but different mothers. Bethuel is the father of Rebekah. However, Hagar’s child Ishmael is never considered part of Sarah’s domain; Abraham has all the authority in the family, and he, rather than Sarah, names Ishmael (compare the stories of Rachel and Leah, who do name the offspring of their surrogates Bilhah and Zilpah). Jasher claims death in Terah's burned down house which they would not have done at any age but 75 when Abram left. If Ishmael was 137 at the time of his death, this means that Jacob and Esau were 63 at the time of the blessings. Yet it is Rebekah herself who is chosen as God’s instrument, ensuring that His protection and blessings are bestowed upon Jacob and the nation of Israel. He asked the servant to search out and find his son a wife … Bledstein, Adrien J. Isaac was sixty years old when the twins were born (Genesis 25:26). Abimelech called Isaac on his lie, and then warned others not to touch Rebecca. The very next verse perhaps can shed some light in the issue, keeping in mind that is not there in vane and that it is writtwn for a reason and that is that Sarai was barren. After taking care of her burial, Abraham went about finding a wife for his son Isaac, who was already 37 years old. The great change that came into Rebekah’s life began in a way that may have seemed fairly ordinary to her. Eichler, Barry. Sarah and Abraham come to Israel as part of God’s promise of numerous progeny and the land (Gen 12:1–5). [16] The Bible states that Isaac was sixty years old when the twins were born. Sarai was Haron's wife and Lot's mother. And she said, I will go." Encyclopedia Article: Sarah: Midrash and Aggadah, Encyclopedia Article: Infertile Wife in Rabbinic Judaism, Encyclopedia Article: Art: Representation of Biblical Women, Copyright © 1998–2021, Jewish Women's Archive. Abraham died at the age of 175 (Genesis 25:7), making Jacob and Esau fifteen years old at the time of Abraham's death. Her death occurred while Jacob was on his way back to his parents' home; and it was coincident withthat of Deborah (comp. Rashi explains that Isaac smelled the heavenly scent of Gan Eden (Paradise) when Jacob entered his room. Surprised to perceive that Esau was back so soon, Isaac asked how it could be that the hunt went so quickly. This article is about the Biblical matriarch. His concerns make sense in the biblical milieu, for in the Bible, beauty sets up the beautiful to be desired and taken. Some readers have accused both Isaac and Rebekah of equal fault in favoring their sons (Esau and Jacob respectively; Gen 27:1-10). REBEKAH is a common name in many places today. I have a theory that perhaps may clarify the issues with Sarah and Abraham as brother and sister. It was traditionally given to the bride’s father when the parents gave their consent to the marriage. When we consider that Rebekah loved and preferred Jacob over Esau, we must remember that the Bible says that God loved and preferred Jacob as well. 8). Your question about Sara will be answered. Bethuel was the youngest of eight sons which included Uz, Buz, Kemuel, Kesed, Hazo, Pildash, and Jidlaph. Abraham seems content to keep Sarah out of the loop and to consider Ishmael the child of the promise. Abraham, who considers Ishmael his son, is reluctant; but God once again emphasizes Sarah’s importance and tells Abraham to do what she says.