Africa has the most educated leaders in the world, and the continent continues to experience plodding progress. presidents were gotten via corrupt management of the nation’s resources and a bulk of the . I totally agree. We are truly cursed! Top 10 Poorest Presidents In Africa 2020. All Rights Reserved, 1952 has been the president of Chad since 1990. Cyril Ramaphosa is the current president of South Africa. Asia in that Nigeria alone has more than 500+ Languages, The total land area is 6,064,060 Km2 (2,341,346 sq. Mswati III is the King of Swaziland. He is worth $500 million. first what does poor means? Sometimes living in Africa feels so sad, you look at most of the leaders and you just feel sorry. King Mohammed VI (Morocco) – Net worth $5.8 billion. Not only is Jacob Zuma one of the most paid presidents in Africa, but also among the worlds top ten highest paid presidents. The richest presidents in history were some of the world’s wealthiest men. Gitega is the capital city to the landlocked country Burundi with a total population of 10.86 million people. Robert Gabriel Mugabe, at the ripe old age of ninety-two, is... #9 - General Idriss Deby Itno. In Africa, Mr Magufuli’s pay is less than a tenth of that of his Cameroonian counterpart and just about a quarter that of Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta. West Africa simply is not a country because it has no military or political system in its own right or similar to that of other countries. With a population of about 47 million people, Kenya has Uhuru Kenyatta as their leader. Richest presidents in Africa. No, West Africa is not a country but it is the westernmost region of Africa. The continent has been blessed with both men and women who have over the years amassed a huge amount of money which they have positively use in changing the state of the country they are from and the continent at large. In a report by The Washington Post, the declaration showed that the president is not in the league of rich African leaders. in my opinion I think and believe that this concept we have on poor people we should change it. Among the wealthiest presidents in Africa, Paul Biya, he has been the President of Cameron since 1982 (37 years of running in office). The company has $500 million worth of assets inclusive of a Bombardier Global Express private jet worth $50 million. Ali Bongo is the son of Omar Bongo, who was President of Gabon from 1967 until his death in 2009. Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya) – $500 million. This is sad while they people who pay for all this are dying of hunger. They invented clocks, too. How do they accumulate wealth in countries where citizens can’t afford basic needs like food, shelter and healthcare? Idriss Déby born on June 18th, 1952 has been the president of Chad since 1990. Mohammed VI ($5.8 billion). South Sudan’s capital city is Juba and the country has a population of about 12.58 million people. Zimbabwe means “great houses of stone,” which come from the language of Shona. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Here is the Full list. They see leadership as an opportunity to enrich themselves over the mandate to serve their people. Pharaoh Pepi II was allegedly sprinkled honey on the naked slaves, drawing flies from him. The capital and also the largest city in Comoros is Moroni. The valley is also known as “Whale Valley”. West Africa has a total of 16 countries with a total population of about 381 million people. The country constitution has given him the power to rule through a dictatorship. This is quite understandable, due to the nature of their work and status in the country, their safety is of paramount importance. but poor in my opinion means passing over opportunities repeatedly. Teodorin, the eldest son of Obiang and the vice president of the country has been accused by various international countries such as France and the USA for money laundering and purchase of property using stolen funds. He earns about $152,680 yearly. *, Through solution-oriented discussion forums; Fatuma’s Voice employs the power of intellectual discourse, to creatively reaffirm community members about the significance of their amplified voice…. He also has a private jet that he received in 2018 as a gift for his birthday as he turned 50. According to Forbes, his main source of wealth is land. Madagascar is an island country in the Indian Ocean that lies about 400 kilometers off the East African coast, and the Republic of Madagascar, formerly known as the Malagasy Republic. Notably, Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos ranks 8th with a net worth of $3.4 billion. It has a population of fewer than 1 million people and uses Euro as their national countries. Oligarchies! 4. That said, here is a brief overview of the richest Presidents in Africa with reference to Forbes, People With Money magazine, CelebrityNetWorth. Other African states whose presidents earn less than Sh200,000 a month include Guinea, Cape Verde, Tunisia and Senegal. It has a population of about 29.67 million and its capital city is Maputo (which was once known as  “Lourenço Marques” from 1876 to 1976). By Rider704 | Opera News Kenya. Other than Cairo, Giza and Alexandria are also major cities in Egypt. While the majority of Africans are barely getting by financially, African presidents are known to be among the wealthiest individuals in Africa and there is a general understanding that it is the office that swells up the bank accounts of African presidents and their families. Top 10 richest presidents in Africa 2021. by Victor Mochere. Aswan high dam is the largest dam in the world, which is designed to contain the rushing waters of the Nile. is worth $50 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Over 40% of the population is also unemployed. On 1 July 1962, the nation declared independence, changing its name legally from Rwanda-Urundi to Burundi. Below are the top 10 most educated presidents in Africa 2020: 1. When he campaigned to become Nigeria’s President, he claims to be a man who’d fight corruption. Old Egyptians had so many gods that each city had its own favorite deity literally. His wealth emanates from an inheritance from his father King Hassan. He is also the country’s leading businessman. State officer and politicians are among the top richest people in most African countries which clearly indicate that leadership in Africa … Here is the list of top 10 richest presidents in the world as of January 2021. In eastern Central Africa, Rwanda is a landscaped republic located south of Equator. In a report by The Washington Post, the declaration showed that the president is not in the league of rich African leaders. In 2007, he was investigated on corruption and use of funds fraudulently to finance his luxuries and purchase private mansions. I feel like it’s so unethical to even have a list like this when it comes to presidents. Country: Zimbabwe, Years in Power: 26. There are five regions in total in Africa: Southern Africa, The last ship of slaves departed from Benin(then known as Dahomey) for. The discovery of gold in Ghana led to the nickname, the Gold Coast. 4. 101 Facts That Will Make You Want To Travel To Kenya, Largest Countries in Africa by Population. There are five regions in total in Africa: Southern Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Equatorial Africa, and the African Transition Zone. And with money plus power, what stops them from monopolizing industries, taking whatever the hell they want? His personal fortune is estimated at $ 410 million. to many people it means not having money or enough money to get by etc.. however you define it please comment below would like to know. During his father’s presidency, he was Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1989 to 1991 and represented Bongoville as a Deputy in the National Assembly from 1991 to 19… Uganda is widely seen as a peaceful country with low rates of crime. Mohammed tops the list of our richest presidents in Africa 2020. Ethiopia is bounded north by Eritrea, northwest by Djibouti, east by Somalia, south by Kenya, and west by South Sudan. Full of all resources we can ever need for prosperity. As of 2020, his net worth stood at $600 million as per Forbes Magazine. On the African continent, many of the presidents and rulers are very wealthy. According to Time Magazine Cyril Ramaphosa was among the most influential people in 2020. Mohammed VI the king of Morocco is worth $5.8 billion. Consequently, here is a list of the top 10 Richest Presidents in Africa 2019 with reference to Forbes Africa, People With Money magazine, and CelebrityNetWorth: Related Posts on Politics and History of Kenya: First, Ghanaian economist George Ayittey unleashes a torrent of controlled anger toward corrupt leaders in Africa — and calls on the Cheetah generation to take back the continent. In no particular order, here are the top 5 richest African presidents, their salaries and their estimated net worth according to Forbes. He was number five in the Forbes List of top richest in Africa in 2015. Giraffe tail swatters have been a popular fashion item in ancient Egypt. Please enter your email address. He won the presidency in 1990 through a coup to become the 6. president of Chad. I checked out your blog site quite regularly, and you’re constantly coming up with some good staff. Interestingly, former Zimbabwe president, Robert … A A. Reset. The man is the present President of the richest African country, Nigeria. It is said that Africa’s poorest president is Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari who is said to have no private companies, factories and accounts in any foreign banks. Image:, @themoroccanmonarchy Source: UGC. The dictator’s family is very wealthy. He is the son of the former president of the county Omar Bongo. Uhuru Kenyatta is at number 4 with $500 million, this list is not accurate! Allegedly, his over 13 wives spent $6million on shopping in summer 2020. The ancient Egyptian Mummy bandages could stretch for 1,6 km, unwrapped. Putin has been in office since the 7 th of May 2012. He was among the top 50 powerful people in Forbes List 2018. Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa whose diverse ecosystems include the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains and the massive Victoria Lake. Africa is a beautiful continent that boasts of hosting some of the world’s richest people. He rose into power in 2000 and has been the president of Rwanda after the resignation of Pasteur Bizimungu. President of Zimbabwe 8. Mr Biya’s salary is close to that of top corporate executives in Kenya such as the Kenya Commercial Bank Group’s CEO Joshua Oigara who revealed two yeas ago that he earns Sh4.9 million monthly in salary and allowances. A President can also be ultra-rich, and many presidents today are billionaires, so today, we will look after the top 10 richest presidents in the world. Rwanda has one of the highest population densities in sub-Saharan Africa and is geographically a small country. According to the office of the president of Sierra Leone, Mr Koroma took a voluntary 50 per cent pay cut in 2015 to help fund the fight against Ebola in the country. Interestingly, former Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe was considered the most educated president in the world while he was alive. So, there it is, a list of some of the richest presidents in Africa. Patrice Talon President of the Republic of Benin since April 6, 2016, Patrice Guillaume Athanase Talon is the fourth richest head of state in Africa. Here is a list of the top 10 poorest presidents in the world based on annual salary. He has consecutively won the five other presidential elections that have been held in Chad. For the Egyptians, the afterlife was extremely important. It is located 2.000 km off the African continent’s south-east coast. Ali Bongo Ondimba was born on 1959 February 9. . He owns several properties in foreign nations including a townhouse worth $138 million in Paris. Ali Bongo Ondimba was born on 1959 February 9th. Mohammed VI is the current King of Morocco. Isaias Afwerki was born on 1946 February 2. in Asmara, Eritrea. Her name is Jamal Ibrahim, Facebook Jamal Ibrahim. Here is a brief overview of the richest Presidents in Africa. 3. Seychelles is also considered as one of the countries in East Africa. Although sources estimate Uhuru Kenyatta’s net worth to be $500 million, he is richer than the Rwandese president. Egypt has a population of about 98 million people and covers an area of about 1.01 million km². In addition, since wigs had a social status, they became one of the most popular fashion accessories in ancient Egypt. With a population of about 5 million people, Eritrea is known to be founded on 27 April 1993. It is bordered on the west by Ethiopia, the north by the Aden Gulf, the east by the Guardafui Channel and the southwest by the Somali Sea. It’s just poor governance from leaders, eating mentality and lack of interest & involvement among us people. Their official language is Arabic and French. Fatuma's Voice. Egyptian men and ladies wore make-up. President Biya was born 13 February 1933 in Mvomeka’a and has gotten married twice. Ironically, the poorest people in Africa live in the richest countries while you will easily find the richest people living in some of the poorest countries. 1. They speak french as their official language. Egypt is said to be one of the oldest countries in the World. More than 85% of the population is Roman Catholic and 95% of the population is Christian. Mswati III – Estimated Networth: $102 million. We all know of the world’s ‘poorest president’, Uruguay’s José Alberto “Pepe” Mujica Cordano. In 2006, Chad was listed as the world’s most corrupt nation by Forbes Magazine. Your post is great! Country: Morocco, Years in Power: 15. Kenyans are known for being great long-distance runners. President John Pombe Magufuli, TANZANIA. Comoros is among the world’s least developed countries with 45 percent of the population living below the poverty line and ranked third from the last in the 2013 Global Hunger index. Countries leading in corruption menace are mostly from Africa, and in most cases under the web of the presidents and people close to them. Below are The 10 Richest African Presidents and Kings as of 2014, according to Richestlifestyle: 10: JACOB ZUMA. President Muhammadu Buhari. Get notified by email when someone answers this question. The list has been published since 2015. After he ascended to office in July 1999 following the death of his father, King Hassan II.