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The number marked in red is the type number, the number marked in blue … If you are the parent or guardian of a child who has provided personal information to us, please inform us as provided under Section 12 below, and we will delete that Personal Information. The CPO Sites are considered to be general audience Sites and are not to be used by children. Cookies are text files that can be rejected or deleted by you at any time. How we collect information on the CPO Sites. Selective actuation allows the user to select bump fire or contact fire modes with the simple flip of a switch, Accepts 5/8 in. Free shipping for … Metabo HPT KNT50ABMR 18 Gauge Brad Nailer & Compressor Combo Kit Reconditioned. Just hit the laser button on the top to turn it on. I can't even tell that they have been reconditioned. The choices available to you on the CPO Sites regarding the collection and use of your information. Cooperative Database Services. If your question is about more than one item, click + to add them. Saws As the creator of the sliding compound miter saw, Metabo HPT ® has established itself as the go-to brand for pros. The Internet address of the sites from which you linked directly to CPO Sites. Enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Business Transfers. Although our marketing company manages the information coming from our sites on our behalf, we control how that data may and may not be used. Metabo HPT Power Tools (Metabo HPT Koki USA, Ltd) offers a complete line of plastic, paper tape and wire weld collated fasteners for use in round head, clipped head and offset round head framing nailers, … As we may make changes to this privacy policy at any time without notifying you, we suggest that you review this privacy policy each time you access or use the CPO Sites. To do this, we use Web beacons and cookies provided by our marketing company on the CPO Sites. You can search for your spare parts list by the type number or the type name. 1-866-577-3014 SOME OF THESE SURVEYS ARE CONDUCTED BY YAHOO! METABO HPT 18V Volt, Battery/Charger Kit Type, 18V Slide-Type Power Tools For Use With Battery & Charger Kit. The types of information we collect on the CPO Sites. You should carefully review this privacy policy before using the CPO Sites. CPO and authorized third parties employ reasonable measures, including administrative, technical, and physical measures, to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, loss, alteration, use or disclosure. Click the following link to search for official parts to fit your tools. Please note that removal of your Personal Information from our database or "opting-out" will not stop (i) marketing or advertising content that is ready to be mailed or is queued for transmission to you prior to the time when we can implement your request, or (ii) the use of your Personal Information by third parties with whom CPO may have already shared your information. Air Conditioning Recovery Recycling Equipment. Metabo HPT MultiVolt is a revolutionary breakthrough in cordless tools, that combines high performance and durability and allows the tool to work with the battery in order to get the best performance it can. This kit builds upon its awesome reputation! Security procedures that we have put in place to protect your Personal Information. We may aggregate and use certain non-personally identifiable information for research or marketing purposes and may share, sell and rent or trade that information and statistical information derived therefrom with our marketing partners, advertisers, or other third parties. Highly recommend. We don’t always use a narrow crown stapler on the job but, when we do, there’s no other tool that can substitute. Add to Cart. Filed in December 26 (2017), the METABO HPT covers Metal hardware, namely, nails, washers, nuts, screws, metal upholstery tacks, carpet tacks, metal carpet tack strips, plugs, bolts, rivets, binding … For information regarding the collection and use of information on any of those websites or other third party sites, please refer to the terms of use and policies provided by those websites. The Metabo HPT KNT50ABMR 2-Piece finish kit gets you started down the road to building your tools for your home shop. 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Information collected automatically through the CPO Sites provides us with information regarding your use of the CPO Sites, including which pages are the most popular with CPO Sites users. CPO has adopted this privacy policy to inform you of the following: For the purposes of this privacy policy, "Personal Information" is personally identifiable information about an individual person, as more particularly described under applicable privacy laws. That’s up for debate. We use the services of a marketing company to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising and how visitors use our sites. Automatically collected information and your Personal Information may be transferred as an asset in connection with a merger or sale involving all or part of CPO or as part of a corporate reorganization, stock sale or other change of control. No questions have been asked about this item. View & download of more than 86 Metabo HPT PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. 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We may participate in cooperative database services. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual's hard drive to identify previous visitors to the Sites. **Valid for first-time registrants only. Brand: METABO HPT. Metabo HPT is know for making the best nailers in the industry. 18-gauge fasteners, At only 2.2 lbs., this finish nailer is lightweight and well-balanced making it easy to use all day long, Elastomer grip adds comfort and prevents slippage, Visual nail reload indicator located on the magazine, alerts the user when nail quantities are low so that blank drives are avoided, Tool-less easy to clear nose for quick and simple nail extraction should a nail jam during use, Engineered with the safety behind the narrow nose piece, and a short center height allows for nail placement in hard to reach areas and corners, Depth of drive dial allows the user to easily adjust the drive depth for a professional finish, No-mar tip on the nose protects the work piece from unintended markings, 360 degree adjustable exhaust port keeps dust, debris and oil off the finished project, Lightweight aluminum body and composite magazine provide a tool that reduces user fatigue, 6 Gallon pancake style tank delivers reliable and rugged performance, 150 PSI of max working pressure for longer run times, 2.8 CFM delivered at 90 PSI to operate multiple nailers depending on the application, 1-HP oil-free high efficiency motor for reliable start-ups even in cold weather, 73 dB Operational noise level ensures a quieter work environment, Rubber pads help keep work surfaces damage free, Industrial regulator and gauges allow for easy and accurate PSI adjustments, Steel roll cage with rubber grip protects all critical components and provides comfort during transport, 2 Universal quick couplers for fast tool changes, Compact and lightweight for easy transport. Metal hardware, namely, nails, washers, nuts, screws, metal upholstery tacks, carpet tacks, metal carpet tack strips, plugs, bolts, rivets, binding bands of metal, buckles, door stops of metal, gate stops of metal, window stops of metal, metal cabinet stops, pegs, pins, latch bars, screw rings of metal, ring-shaped fittings of metal, staples for construction or industrial use, metal casters; industrial packaging containers of metal; containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; containers of metal for liquid fuel; tool boxes of metal, empty, Industrial paint agitating machines; Apparatus for machining, namely, wood sawing machines, electric wood saw machines, wood planing machines, wood grinding machines, and wood milling machines; atomizers being machines, namely, power operated atomizers for industrial or agricultural use; bending machines; blade sharpening and stropping machines; blades being parts of machines for metalworking, mining, construction, chemical processing, food or beverage processing, lumbering, woodworking, veneer or plywood making, stone working, repairing or fixing; blowing engines, namely, engines for dust removing installations for cleaning purposes; blowing machines, namely, dust removing installations for cleaning purposes; brushes being parts of machines; brushes, electrically operated being parts of machines; centrifugal machines; centrifugal pumps; centrifuges being machines; chain saws; chisels for machines; chucks being parts of machines, namely, chucks for power drills; cleaning appliances utilizing steam; clippers being machines, namely, wood or metal plate, plywood clipping machines; compressed air machines; compressed air pumps; compressors being machines; concrete mixers being machines; crushing machines, namely, crushing machines for industrial purposes; cultivators being machines, namely, motorized cultivators; current generators; cutting machines; die-cutting, nut, and screw tapping machines; ditchers and ploughs; drill chucks being parts of machines; drilling bits being parts of machines, namely, bits for power drills; drilling heads being parts of machines; 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electric machines and apparatus for polishing, namely, floor polishers; milling machines; molding machines, namely, injection molding machines; motorized cultivators; motors for boats; motors, other than for land vehicles; mowing and reaping machines; mufflers for motors and engines; nut-tapping machines; paring machines, namely, machines for trimming wood surfaces; planing machines; pneumatic hammers; power hammers; presses being machines for industrial purposes, namely, industrial machine presses; pumps being machines, namely, electric pumps; pumps being parts of machines, engines or motors; rammers being machines; saws being machines; scissors, electric; sharpening machines; sharpening wheels being parts of machines; shears, electric; snow ploughs; spray guns for paint; spraying machines; threading machines; trimming machines; turbocompressors; vacuum cleaner bags; vacuum cleaner hoses; vacuum pumps; metalworking machines and tools, namely, punching presses, shaping machines, metal sawing machines, perforating machines, slotting machines, boring machines, gear cutting and finishing machines, broaching machines, honing machines, lapping machines, mechanical presses, shearing machines, forging machines, oil hydraulic presses, electric metal cutting machines, namely, power-operated abrasive wheels and grindstones, electric welding machines, hand-held pneumatic drills, hand-held pneumatic hammers, electric sanders, power-driven wrenches, hand-held power driven grinders, hand-held electric drills, hand-held electric hammers, power driven screwdrivers, power driven nut runners, power driven buffers, power driven polishers, gear cutters, taps other than hand-held tools, chasers being machine tools, thread milling cutters being machine tools, turning point tools being machine tools, namely, turning tools for metalworking, broaches other than hand-held tools, namely, broaches being machines tools, milling cutters being machine tools, reamers other than hand-held tools, namely, reamers being power tools, cemented carbide tools for cutting, cemented carbide cutting tools, anticorrosive cemented carbide cutting tools, anti-abrasive cemented carbide cutting tools, cemented carbide tips, diamond-pointed metal cutting tools, wear-resistant powered metal cutting tools, forging moulds, press dies for metal forming; mining machines and apparatus, namely, rock drills, mining drill sharpeners, mine borers, coal loaders; construction machines and apparatus, namely, rooters in the nature of root cutting machines, pile drivers, pile extractors, earth scrapers, tamping machines, concrete placing machines, concrete vibrators, concrete paving machines, asphalt mixers; loading-unloading machines and apparatus, namely, winches, chain blocks, hoists; chemical processing machines and apparatus, namely, presses, absorbing machines in the nature of dust removing installations for cleaning purposes, mixing or blending machines, dust collecting machines, sintering machines, calcining machines, cleaning machines in the nature of high pressure cleaners, disintegrators, partial condensors in the nature of air condensors, separating machines, grinding mills, dissolving machines, filtering machines; lumbering, woodworking, or veneer or plywood making machines and apparatus, namely, lumbering band saws, special sawing machines in the nature of routers and trimmers, saw-tooth setting machines, circular saws, tenoning machines, wood planing machines, wood lathes, wood milling machines, wood drilling machines, sanding machines, wood sawing machines, woodworking saw-tooth setting machines; agricultural machines, agricultural implements other than hand-operated, namely, power tillers and reapers; stone working machines; pneumatic or hydraulic machines and instruments, namely, reciprocating compressors, reciprocating water pumps, rotary pumps, axial flow pumps, reciprocating vacuum pumps, rotary vacuum pumps, diffusion pumps, centrifugal blowers, rotary blowers, axial flow blowers, turbo blowers in the nature of blowing air machines for construction or industrial use, centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors, rotary compressors, axial flow compressors; washing machines for laundry use; vehicle washing installations; machine elements, not for land vehicles, namely, shafts in the nature of shaft couplings for machines, axles for machines, and spindles being parts of machines; connectors, namely, connecting rods for machines, bearings in the nature of shaft bearings for machines, clutch mechanisms for machines, reduction gears, toothed machines wheels, machine gears, speed change gears, fluid couplings; lawnmowers; waste compacting machines; waste crushing machines; starters for motors and engines; electric motors for machines, namely, AC motors and DC motors, not including those for land vehicles; parts for AC motors and DC motors, namely, brushes being parts of motors; AC generators; DC generators; dynamo brushes, Abrading tools being hand instruments; bits being parts of hand tools, namely, bits for hand drills; blade sharpening instruments, namely, sharpening wheels for knives and blades; blades for planes; cutting tools being hand operated tools; manual drills; files being tools; gimlets being hand tools; gouges being hand tools; grindstones being hand tools; hollowing bits being parts of hand tools; hoop cutters being hand operated tools; non-electric caulking guns; saws being hand tools; stamping out tools being hand tools; whetstones; wrenches being hand tools; electric razors and electric hair clippers; bladed and pointed hand tools, namely, gardening shears and scissors, planes, chisels, taps, milling cutters, files, reamers; hand tools, namely, bushhammers, mallets, hammers, spanners, screwdrivers, adjustable spanners, wrenches, nail pullers, nippers, pliers, cutting pliers, tongs, namely, fire tongs, construction tongs, food tongs, spades, gardening trowels, shovels, snow shovels, carpenter's compasses; sharpening wheels for knives and blades; hand tools, namely, manually operated sharpening wheels, Electric accumulators; electric batteries; battery boxes; battery chargers; condensers and capacitors for telecommunication machines and electronic machines; radios; sound reproduction apparatus; solar batteries; electrical batteries and cells; electric and magnetic meters and testers, namely, distance meters; electric wires and cables, telecommunication machines and apparatus, namely, television receivers and radio receivers; dust masks; welding masks; gloves for protection against accidents spectacles, eyeglasses and goggles in the nature of safety goggles, Repair or maintenance of optical machines and apparatus; repair or maintenance of pumps; repair or maintenance of electronic machines and apparatus; repair or maintenance of telecommunication machines and apparatus; repair or maintenance of construction machines and apparatus; repair and maintenance of consumer electric appliances; repair or maintenance of electric lighting apparatus; repair or maintenance of electric motors; repair or maintenance of power distribution or control machines and apparatus; repair or maintenance of power generators; repair or maintenance of laboratory apparatus and instruments, repair or maintenance of measuring and testing machines and instruments; repair or maintenance of metalworking machines and tools; repair or maintenance of mining machines and apparatus; repair or maintenance of rubber-goods manufacturing machines and apparatus; repair or maintenance of machines and apparatus for lumbering, woodworking, or veneer or plywood making; repair or maintenance of painting machines and apparatus; repair or maintenance of agricultural machines and implements; repair or maintenance of machines and apparatus for pulp-making, papermaking or paper working; repair or maintenance of plastic processing machines and apparatus; repair or maintenance of electric washing machines for industrial purposes; repair or maintenance of power-driven floor cleaning machines; repair or maintenance of waste compacting machines and apparatus; repair or maintenance of waste crushing machines; rental of construction machines and apparatus; rental of floor cleaning machines; rental of mining machines and apparatus, NEW APPLICATION OFFICE SUPPLIED DATA ENTERED IN TRAM, NOTIFICATION OF NON-FINAL ACTION E-MAILED, AUTOMATIC UPDATE OF ASSIGNMENT OF OWNERSHIP, NOTIFICATION OF NOTICE OF PUBLICATION E-MAILED, OFFICIAL GAZETTE PUBLICATION CONFIRMATION E-MAILED, NOA E-MAILED - SOU REQUIRED FROM APPLICANT, ALLOWED PRINCIPAL REGISTER - SOU ACCEPTED, NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE OF STATEMENT OF USE E-MAILED. NOTE: THIS PRIVACY POLICY DOES NOT APPLY TO INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE, EITHER VOLUNTARILY OR INVOLUNTARILY, THROUGH RESPONSES TO SOME SURVEY REQUESTS INITIATED AT THE CPO SITES. For example, any Personal Information you enter when you place an order for a product, including, without limitation, your credit card and other Personal Information, is encrypted before transmission to CPO Sites servers by using Secure Sockets Layer 128-bit encryption, if supported by your browser. Continue Reading → Cordless Nailer … Looking for parts for your Hitachi or Metabo HPT tools. Personal Information may include, without limitation: You may also be asked to respond to additional questions to help us meet your needs. Its light and can supply 2 finish nailers! You can adjust it left, right, or dead center to customize it to the way you want to cut. Your name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, fax number, billing information, and credit card number and related information. If you do not want to help us learn how to improve our sites, products, offers and marketing strategy, you can "opt-out" of our ability to analyze such data by contacting us (see Section 12). These services help us to direct print mailings and other marketing initiatives to appropriate purchasers and website visitors. CPO may change this privacy policy from time to time by posting updated versions of the privacy policy here. M-F 9am to 9pm ET, Industry-Leading 120-Day Money Back Guarantee. Save your password so you do not have to provide it each time you visit CPO Sites. Cordless Impact Driver Combo Kit with (1) 3 Ah and (1) 5 Ah Batteries Model: MHPNKC18DBFL2TM (0) That information also allows us to determine if the CPO Sites are working properly and to make changes to the CPO Sites to allow the user to have a better experience on the CPO Sites. Such third parties may use such information for whatever purposes they wish or may transfer such information to other third parties. Zack at Metabo HPT shows Rob their new Multi Volt battery platform & the new 36V Recip Saw CR36DAQ4M at STAFDA 2018. You may "opt-out" of receiving future email or other communications from us by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any email that you receive from us, or by contacting us (see Section 12). When you’re lining up your cut, you have a laser to work with. Could we be the most interesting contractors in the world? Metabo HPT Hits an Unbelievable Value with $99 Brushless Impact Driver The Metabo HPT WH18DBFL2 cordless impact driver looks tempting with its $99 kit price. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. You may disable cookies using your Internet browser settings. All Rights Reserved. Metabo offers sustainable system solutions from tools and accessories to service, delivering value today and for the future.