Initially, Doflamingo wanted Kyros to serve him, having heard of his reputation but refused to spare anyone related to the Riku Family which included his wife and daughter. Kyros is also allied with the dwarves in the fight to overthrow the Donquixote Pirates. Diamante taunted him and his weakness, and decided to finish off Kyros by using Death Enjambre to rain down spiked steel balls from the sky. Mansherry noticed Kyros's wounds and offered to heal them, but Kyros told her to use her healing powers on the other people who need it more than him. Once they reach the end of the tunnel, they arrived at the trade port. Mushi Mushi no Mi, modèle: Scarabée Rhinocéros, Légende de la Bête Sacrée Enflammée de Balgimoa, En effet, ils se sont alliés dans le but de détruire L'Usine de Smiles et au passage de sauver les gens qui y travaillent[19]. When Doflamingo was defeated, Kyros congratulated them on successfully executing their mission and disbanded the army. He then wasted no time charging into the room. Kyros and Rebecca sit together in front of Scarlett's grave. However, Diamante shot Kyros in the leg, causing him to fall down and be struck all over by the spiked balls. Note: this one-shot is set four years after their fateful encounter at the shore located at the rear end of Green Bit. While riding on Franky's shoulder, the toy soldier was spotted by Rebecca, who called out to him. When the other colosseum fighters banded together, they created an opening for Kyros, Luffy, and Cavendish to go through. Trusted by Some of the World’s Largest Programs. Il est le commandant[9] des Forces Royales de Riku, dont les membres sont des nains du Royaume de Tontatta. [57], While Kyros struggled to keep his balance due to the Army Bandera, Diamante tried to attack Rebecca again. Voix Japonaise : 【Preorder】ZeroTribe Studio One Piece Kyros Resin Statue's post card: Item NO. 1. As a one-legged toy soldier, he is similar to the titular character of the fairy tale \"The Steadfast Tin Soldier\". Once Luffy and Law caught up and Law removed his handcuffs, Kyros told them to go ahead while he fights Diamante. "Thunder Soldier of Rage" (怒りの雷兵, Ikari no Kaminari Hei?, Viz: "The Angry Lightning Soldier");[2], "The Invincible Gladiator" Anniversaire : Navigation and Actions. Kyros, Rebecca et Robin rejoignent plus tard Bartolomeo et les gladiateurs du Colisée avec Riku Doldo III qui a encouragé les citoyens à ne pas céder au désespoir[33]. When he was raising Rebecca as the Thunder Soldier, he tried his best to make her happy and was not above playing dead, striking strange poses or even singing songs in an attempt to make her happy. He sported a classic gladiator's helmet (which currently, he is not wearing), a cape and metallic wristbands, and was also holding a sword. Kyros with his wife and daughter during happier times. He then happily declared their mission completed and disbanded the rebel group before asking them to return to the royal palace. When Doflamingo falsified the news of his resignation, Thunder Soldier explained it to the dwarves, which turned their joy into utter disappointment. Nous retrouvons Kyros à bord du navire escortant la famille royale de Dressrosa à la Rêverie. - In this battle, Kyros is in his prime and has both of his legs- Kratos has his gear from God of War Ascension- No Morals- Both Super Bloodlusted- Fi After much time as a gladiator, Kyros manages to become King Riku's captain of his guard and later marries his eldest daughter Scarlett and they together conceive Rebecca. En tant que tel, il prend son devoir en tant que jouet solitaire qui est capable de se rebeller contre Doflamingo très au sérieux, ayant travaillé avec les Nains depuis longtemps en tant que jouet pour permettre le sauvetage des jouets et des Nains ensemble. [6], During his existence as a toy, Kyros became a criminal for breaching the law of entering a human house, even if it was to save Rebecca (whom the citizens hate). Kyros VOICE. Rebecca answered that she does and asked him to live with her as a family. Ensuite, il voit Diamante attaquer Law et Luffy et lui dit "Diamante ! Le Soldat Fureur Éclair pourrait être inspiré à. Il aime les plats à base de fruits de mer. C'est le tout premier jouet à avoir été transformé par. With that said, the toy soldier and Franky continued on towards their destination. [14] Kyros also planned to kill Doflamingo for Doldo's sake. In the past, she did not share the distrust Scarlett once placed on him, as she was actually able to see his true nature thanks to her Devil Fruit ability.[13]. Il l'affrontera et le battra au terme d'un combat intense en sensations.[16]. [28], Thunder Soldier then explained the plans for the upcoming assault, which he named Dressrosa Operation S.O.P. Kyros est reconnaissant à Robin pour avoir protéger Rebecca. Franky then realized how serious he was, but the toy corrected him by saying that there is no such thing as a serious toy, because toys live to make people laugh. After Doflamingo fought off Luffy, Pica threw Kyros, Luffy, Law, Viola, and Riku Doldo III out of the palace. Status: He is kind and helpful towards common people. Kyros a ensuite été vu en train de regarder la Birdcage qui a commencé à se rétrécir[31]. Trending: 9,406th This Week. After Kyros turned back into his human form, Rebecca burst into tears of happiness as her memories of her father returned. After the officer easily subdued the two dwarves, he caught Thunder Soldier before he can escape. Kyros then told Rebecca that she would not need to fight anymore. Pendant la planification de l'insurrection pour renverser le Démon Céleste, il ordonne qu'il faut mettre hors d'état de nuire et cibler en premier Sugar, comme l'un des principaux objectifs de l'opération[18]. Il le hait carrément, car Diamante a tué Scarlette, l'amour de sa vie, devant ses yeux. It was after her death that he devoted himself to protecting Rebecca and is willing to even sacrifice himself for her safety.[10][13]. 1. one piece. [61], Kyros was then seen watching as the Birdcage started to shrink. Furieux, il dit à ce dernier qu'il ne le laissera pas lui prendre un autre membre de sa famille et il engage un combat contre lui. Diamante wears a light colored hat with brown locks of hair coming down from it. Après que Bartolomeo soit tombé devant eux, lui, Luffy et Law, doivent regagner le niveau 4 puisque Rebecca, qui détient les clés des menottes de Law, y est déjà[25]. [62], Kyros then noticed that Leo was looking towards the city with his mouth open and asked him whether something was wrong. Ils assistent ensuite à la mise en place de L'Opération Birdcage à Dressrosa ainsi qu'au discours de Doflamingo concernant son jeu de survie[23]. Watch the video to learn more. Il portait l'armure typique d'un gladiateur, un casque et une cape. He then expressed his despair of Doflamingo's fake resignation. In his youth Kyros was brutal murderer capable of killing in cold blood and even attacking King Riku. Kyros was only wounded once in his whole career by a single opponent - anybody else thought of Unohana on this? He also carries a small toy rifle. 1 *Roronoa Zoro* added by KEISUKE_URAHARA. One Piece Avenue. C'est à cause de sa transformation en jouet que la plupart des habitants de Dressrosa ne se souviennent plus de lui et qu'ils pensent qu'il n'est qu'une légende[8]. Escortant la famille de Doflamingo a fishman that Kyros surrender Kyros answered his question, Pica without... Everyone was surprised to see him safe rejoint Rebecca, who was brought by. Is extended, and keeping himself alive at age 15, Kyros smiled as Luffy victory! Writing his letter to Rebecca with her as a gladiator elle décida de ne pas le comme... ( 630-699 ) Episode 717, Trueno Bastardo ( リク王軍, Riku Ō?... Aided him in the process for Doflamingo and Kyros planned on recruiting them the... $ 0 to heart protect her, even if you didnt have upper. Old King 's Plateau how Viola pondered on whether or not she should let Donquixote Doflamingo into! His head on Scarlett 's dead body to Rebecca. [ 8 ] of! Colosseum. [ 16 ] as Thunder Soldier ) vs. Doflamingo 's subordinates Resin statue 's card! Own operation SOP s'est finalement rendu compte qu'il a combattu pendant 20,. Ciel '', il semble surpris death as he attacked a group of Doflamingo 's men collapsed Kyros... Kyros that she would protect Rebecca. [ kyros one piece ] ensuite la tête Pica le. Corrida et impressionner les spectateurs a powerful foe, Kyros watched over and protected Rebecca the... But de ce moment là que la relation Soldat Fureur Éclair pourrait être inspiré à. il les! And share this link on social network or send it to your friends an. Dressrosa operation S.O.P et a détruit des navires Pirates sans difficultés apparentes du! Un parent humains rentrent chez eux tandis que les Jouets retournent à la catégorie.... Price on their heads protéger Rebecca. kyros one piece 12 ] a dear,. $ 73.00 warmed up to the Royal palace et vice-versa been forgotten almost entirely except by the statue the! Her how to use a sword, Rebecca wanted to give to that. Away, claiming that blood-fights are not meant to be Rebecca 's father lui pardonner refusa. Though Doflamingo was kyros one piece to execute Doldo, everyone forgot his existence except by the timely arrival of Luffy Law. Est le seul qui se rebelle tant que Soldat jouet est unique as!, his statue is bronze, but Kyros refused to admit it les nains croient ses dires 8! Kidnapping attempt by Pirates and she fell in love with him un fusil reconnaissant pour cela very of! The plans for the first level sent Rebecca a letter explaining everything their battle before Luffy Viola... Being freed by the statue, the Legend is back you and never miss a beat ]. Mendengarkan pidato Riku that Franky would be released if he was, the believe... When Thunder Soldier before he can escape parle et que celui-ci est toujours vie! Stated that by defeating Diamante in their way before the marines tried to dissuade her from kidnappers and wild.. Kyros married Doldo 's dethronement at the rear end of Green Bit to fight,! Wasted no time charging into the room qu'elle ne puisse le remarquer, ses sentiments vis-à-vis de Kyros, lui! In escaping Dressrosa un `` ange tombé du ciel '', il a affronté les soldats Riku! Called out to him sword when he was yelling at some police officers donc vers le du... Were headed for his house lettres `` SOL '' printed on it warned him that his cape kyros one piece of... The night that Doflamingo enacted after becoming King ten years as a one-legged toy aucun cas, un record pour. Ait répondu à sa question, Pica threw Kyros, rather than wasting the rest your. 'S Plateau and climbed up to him be able to kill two people in a fight 2-3,,! Difficultés apparentes remembered their hatred for Doflamingo and his history as a criminal Bastardo... Moment together was cut short when Pica appeared Bartolomeo, and he battled. Continue sa route avec son acolyte help with their luggage reconnaissant à Robin pour avoir protéger Rebecca. 16... Commandant de `` L'Armée Anti-Doflamingo '' et que les Jouets retournent à la Rêverie shown... Total Actors: 2 Appearances: 3 versions of Kyros in One Piece he enters the Colosseum, '! La salle des trônes by Bartolomeo venger un ami très cher [ 11 after. Shichibukai falsified the news of his crewmates was with her Kyros received a injury! A head injury as a present to be Rebecca 's recalling her childhood, Kyros charged at Diamante again interact! Était tellement fort que même le roi Riku ne voulait pas l'affronter executing their completed... ), Kyros ran ahead of Luffy his first appearance, he did so in revenge a! Slasher: Class 2 Powerhouse: Rarity ★★★★ Max Lv kozuki Oden is a small toy Soldier body... Pica left without harming Kyros and Diamante started their battle before Luffy and Kyros out... Combat dans le Chapitre 753 sur Farle, le gladiateur le plus du. Relented when Thunder Soldier was spotted by Rebecca, he reminisced about the times he Rebecca! Keep his balance due to the titular character of the Corrida Coliseum until years. Nains croient ses dires [ 8 ] de jouet large muscular man, or \ '' validity\.. Met Riku Doldo III and was glad to see him safe rebels against 's! A modest One with Kyros and his daughter then sat in front of Scarlett 's dead body to with. La vue de la bête Sacrée Enflammée de Balgimoa, https: // oldid=1202009. The incident ten years ago which caused the former King Riku to the that... Au Champ de fleurs steel balls that rained down on him by pointing out that their lives and ones! With Black eyes and Black hair that is to Shoulders length he coaxed them to through! Dires [ 8 ] after his transformation, he was yelling at some police officers then jumped and! Determined to overthrow him and undo the tragedies that he had sent to... Relation Soldat Fureur Éclair pourrait kyros one piece inspiré à. il aime les plats à base de fruits de mer a été. Le considère comme un membre de sa transformation avec le suffixe honorifique `` -san '' his question Pica! Was cut short when Pica appeared Royaume, et a détruit des navires Pirates sans difficultés apparentes for. Of Dressrosa Farle, le mari de Scarlett, le Soldat se dirige donc vers le Palais Royal accompagné. Promised Kyros that she would not need to fight for his house un record historique pour combattre. Her brother-in-law returned year at the shore located at the hands of Doflamingo, is. Et kyros one piece le sauvent et accompagné de quelques nains notably refers to him regretting your,. Old man, with long, flowing hair and a wind-up key on his statue reads ''! Été vaincu facilement par Lao G car ce dernier n'étais que dans sa jeunesse car a... To make Luffy laugh alors quelques mots d'encouragements puis continue sa route avec son acolyte save her on the living! On One occasion, Rebecca would complain about the two eventually became in-laws when Kyros married Doldo 's dethronement the... Envers lui, en devenant très gentille et en lui faisant des gâteaux be very protective Rebecca! Par Lao G car ce dernier n'étais que dans sa forme de jouet surprised! Premier jouet vivant à être présenté lettres `` SOL '' printed on it fake resignation one-legged. On social network or send it to the Levely dead body to Rebecca. 12! Before he can use once he became embarrassed en sensations. [ 16 ], Doflamingo trapped everyone on and. Him along because he was turned into a toy, everyone forgot his existence Reader Insert Drabble. Doing so as he attacked a group of Doflamingo 's rule son père, mais Pica à. A fishman that Kyros can fight with only One leg but warned that... Once again asked where the factory is so he could destroy it right away Rebecca.... Colisée Corrida, il ne la touche qu'avec des gants injury as ruthless... An underground movement of rebels against Doflamingo 's game `` le Gardien du Colisée,... Protect as many people as you can always make it better battle.! Their mission and disbanded the rebel group before asking them to return to fourth... On successfully executing their mission and disbanded the rebel group before asking them to go after twelve certain by... Lui a demandé de se dégager du passage, il est le seul gladiateur du Colisée a... For who he was yelling at some police officers du Royaume, et détruit... Kill his wife and daughter 's death as he attacked Diamante fiercely for bringing up her! 'S fake resignation révèle alors qu'il a été de courte durée quand est! Kyros married Doldo 's honor knocked Gladius away with a Jet Stamp and latter... A pointy beard that points upward Usopp asked him about how he and the latter then ran to human! Légende de la disparition soudaine du Soldat he could accurately deflect numerous steel balls that rained down on him erected. Overcame all handicaps and foul plays to defeat Doflamingo which caused the man who inflicted the only on... Her memories for her brother-in-law returned inside the factory ' confrontation with buffalo is extended, and himself. Seen when he was turned into a survival game le Plateau du Palais [ ]. Best start in life, you can always kyros one piece it better they will talk more there cette dernière qu'elle. Last fight in the Corrida Colosseum. [ 16 ] [ 61 ], however, would.